Students Cater Mediterranean Meal May 28

Students have fun catering a delicious Mediterranean meal

Students have fun catering a delicious Mediterranean meal

One of the exciting and fun things our catering students do is to prepare and serve a delicious Mediterranean meal that is open to the public! It is great experience for them. They work in teams to prepare all of the courses, and decorate the dining room with flower arrangements and candles. They also serve the meal to attendees from both Living Light and the general public, who are awed by the amazing skill and culinary talent our students exhibit.

Our next student catered meal will be May 28, with a Mediterranean menu including Hummous, Falafel with Tahini Sauce, Tabouli, Greek Salad, Carrots with Moroccan Spices, Dolmas with Middle Eastern Marinara and Apple Baklava! Such a bargain at only $22. Join us if you are in the area--or plan to be! P.S. The student in the middle is Bennett McClellan, who now teaches FUNdamentals with us!

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