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Cherie Soria with students from around the world

Cherie Soria with students from around the world

Our students from around the world are making news all over the world with raw food demos, blogs, newsletters, newspaper and magazine articles, and more! We're excited to begin sharing some of these links with you. Part of the reason for starting this blog will be to share the wonderful ways our students reach out and spread the news of the healthful benefits of the raw food diet. Of course, the training here at Living Light gives them confidence to do talks, demos, and to prepare the most amazing food on the planet. Each one of them makes us feel proud and happy to be doing the work we are doing. Viva the raw food revolution! Living Light graduate June Tate was featured in Frost Illustrated, a weekly newsmagazine from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lynette Pritchard is teaching classes in southwest Florida, and our own Elaina Love is featured in a great blog Debbie Does Raw! There's so much out there that we won't be able to feature everyone in this blog, but we will link you up with many events and opportunities in various places around the country and around the world. It's what Living Light is all about--spreading the word about the vibrant living lifestyle far and wide!

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