Springtime on the Mendocino Coast

Pacific Ocean on Mendocino Coast Fort Bragg

Pacific Ocean on Mendocino Coast Fort Bragg

Here at Living Light we live in one of the most beautiful spots in the country, if not the world! Right now we are experiencing high winds and sunshine along the coast. We can still spot some whales in their migrations, but the Mendocino Coast Whale Festival is over (put it on your calendar for next year), and we're officially moving on to Springtime on the coast! We've got so much planned for Spring and early summer we'll have to give it to you in small "bites!" First of all, we will be doing more social networking, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube--check out the Living Light International channel, so you can keep up with us....Remember--we're new to all of this, so be patient--we may have to catch up with ourselves...meanwhile we send you always lots of love and light!

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